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Our venture in raising goats began in 2008. We purchased fifteen Boer goats and were on our way or so we thought. We soon realized how little we knew about raising goats. Tours of different goat farms and talks with the owners provided us with valuable information. Hearing so many good things about the Kiko goats as to their maternal instincts, hooves, and parasite resistant, we decided to improve our herd by raising Kikos and percentage goats.

We've got your goat !! We would be glad to have you visit our farm and see our beautiful goats. 
Member of Southeastern Kiko Association and Florida Meat Goat Association.

** On September 4, 2012 The Four D Goat Farm received the Farm Family of the Year Award. 

Contact Information:

Wayne Cell : 850-371-1170

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FourDGoatFarm
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